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Rescue Adventure!

A year after moving to Portland, I saw a photo on this dog on my Facebook feed. The post said she and her puppies were about to be euthanized  at a high kill shelter in Texas.

I actually didn’t much think about it…I found a shelter to do the paperwork so that I could get the dogs out, shipped a crate over,  flew to Dallas, and rented a SUV and drove the Mom and pups over 5 days back to Portland. I set up a GoFundme before I left, hoping to be able to raise some money and I did!


The mother who I called Lovie was incredibly thin and in bad shape, she seemed dazed and not completely understanding what was happening.  We drove and drove and drove some more.

We spent nights in Airbnb’s and motels (I snuck the dogs into a motel6 which was fun ;-)


And when we finally we arrived back in Portland, I set Lovie up in my bathroom (at the time I lived in a very small space) to keep her separated from OhLive (my dog). Lovie, understandably had bonded with me and did not appreciate my having another dog and was also protecting her pups, so I definitely needed to keep her in a contained area. After a few weeks, the shelter in Madras took the puppies when Lovie was no longer interested in motherhood and found them a foster. And I found Lovie her new Mom!


A few months later, Lovie was transformed and able to play with OhLive!

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